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I have tentacles, non-conforming/no-genders, and even some LEZBEANZ. If you want any info on someone, just say so.… (It's definitely an incomplete list, for sure. Gotta update with new art today.)
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If there are any you particularly want art for that you don't have yet, I'd be happy to do the first drawing of one of those!

Of the drawn ones, I'm really into Sailor Garuda's design.

Shoot me an email, sailorptah at yahoo dot com, and we can talk details/poses/pricing =)
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I just have to finish their refs and post them(and some designs still only exist in my head). It'll be kind of hard for ya to draw those. 8D Thank you though.

Woooo, Garuda! People seem to like her. 

Will e-mail in a minute. <3