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I like Dennis' spot on self-description, "colourful semi-realism." His are pieces I'd seen before, a long time ago, but hadn't known the artist until more recently.

I recall the piece I saw that first time was the Sansa and Jaime speculative-scenario piece. Another I like is the one with the title "Say goodbye to the last dragon," a very lovely painting. His Rhaegar has a face that's oddly familiar, but I cannot pinpoint who it reminds me of! :D
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Yes, I love his interpretation of Rhaegar :) I have been very happy as a fan of the books of how Denis has visualised some of the characters, and I do hope to see his work develop further with more complex compositions. The painting of Lady Stoneheart shows promising signs in that direction. Denis provided some very insightful responses on the books, too, which other fans will surely appreciate.