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:hug: :hug: :hug: I'm so honoured that you thought of me when doing this picture. I adore it! :love: It has so much life and personality and soul. :love: You outdid yourself this time! Iolana looks so kawaii! But she is not called Iolana for nothing! She can get some serious flight speed. :D

Seriously L-chan, I :heart: this and the fact that you put in Iolana (i.e. me) means a lot. It seems like over time we haven't had the chance to email and talk like we used to. But you are very very very special to me and we'll always be friends. I got your back no matter what. ;p

Luv YOU! :blowkiss:
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Of course you're in the picture, Teeny! :hug: How could I not have you in this drawing, it'd be so totally unfinished if you weren't....and Aisu wouldn't have anything to do X3

I think devArt is doing enough for us, we're still talking to each other, that's a good thing :D

:blowkiss:! luv you tooooo!