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thanks fod say that
i saw your message in my company, that make me have pleasant morning.
this day i have lot of office business so i can't make time for private art work.
for me, fb is communication space with my friend so i don't often post my art  at there.
i will post my work when i'll get time thank you
dear yakkingyetis have a niceday! <3
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sorry I'm just curious, do u work as an artist or some office job ?
hope I'm not being too nosy .. by the way i featured your work in my journal long ago when someone bought me a subscription
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i really appreciate it. thank u for caring. i work as an designer for game character at a game company.
i like this job. but it requires much time and effort for me to get used to it.
by the way, i'm curious about your job, you mentioned that someone bought u a subscription.
how is that work? are u a writer or something? anyway, i feel so greatful if someone like you love my work.

you can ask me anytime when u have something to ask about me or my work. have a nice day :love:
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that was i think 2 years ago . . i used to chat a lot on deviant art and someone bought me a subscription . . i featured u twice cos i LOVE your art 
I'm working as a children's illustrator . .cos on deviant art people were saying stuff like ur art is so cute u should be a children's illustrator . .
but this year i'm not working i just want to get better as an artist and do some personal projects like a few comics i have planned
i want to do 4 comics in 4 different styles . . so far its been two weeks so i only have 2 lol

I'm sure its not just me i'm sure tons of people like your work . .