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Dunno if this would be the right place to post this, but...

.:Harlequinn Angel Brawl:. by HarlequinnAngel

I used 2 stock poses of yours from your "fighter" gallery as references for my drawing here.

I don't see anything saying using the stocks as references is not allowed, but I'm sorry if I went against any of your rules ^__^;;
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Not at all! I absolutely love it when people use my poses for drawing references, and those works have a special place in my heart. Beautiful work here, thank you so much!
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*whew!* I was worried for a moment there; I get so scared of using stock poses since I get worried about breaking the rules and all that (and with me being a slow artist, my effort would go to waste if I had to delete it and all that).

Thank you <3
And thank you for the awesome stock poses~! I definitely plan to use more of them again at some point ^__^