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Awww! There's no way I draw Toby better than you! You are teaching me how to draw with new styles, remeeeeeember? ;P This is the first time I actually finished a drawing of him too ^^

Hehe, I knew you'd be surprised! It's definitely a style I'm keeping and improving, of course ^-^ It's based on yours, if you couldn't tell ;P

No no, it doesn't sound cheap at all ^-^ You're really sweet too, and I don't want you to ever be without internet again! X3 (I know, it's not faaaaaaair! ;___; )

Ashiteru! :hug:

PS~ I pff you too! X3
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Yush yush, I can see that ^-^ It's actually a huuuuuge honour to me that you'd base your style on mine, too; it makes me all blush-y and stuff :giggle: Oh, and you're doing a great job on it as well - I don't think I could ever draw such sweet expressions as you managed to in this drawing .. meeeh, I need to practice more! :aww:

D'aww, thanks *-* The same goes for you, of course ^-^ Just .. don't be too lazy, so you won't get locked away from your computer again ;P (even if sometimes you just can't avoid it - but rest assured I miss you reeeally bad every time ;_; I'd add you to my favourites if devArt allowed me to do that!)

Much love, :hug:

cf.PS: Aww, you do? *-* Wow - that's like .. the sweetest thing I've ever been told! X3
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Hehe! Well, practice does make perfect ^^ Though I don't think you need any practice on your part, it's me who needs to practice!

I think I may be kicked off again because of the late assignments, no doubt <.< I miss you bunches too ;_________; (why doesn't devArt let you watch me? :O_o: )

Muuuch love, :glomp:

PS~ Oh, I know! The sweetest thing ever! :heart:
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Pff, no way! Your drawings are wonderful already, it's amazing to see how far you got in this little time, really! :wow:

Meeeh, evil Kitsu, you gotta finish your assignments in time! ;P *clings* I hope you won't get kicked off again! (oh, I am watching you ^-^ But they should have something like .. favourite watched person, just like you can pick a featured deviation :giggle: )

Muuuuch love right back at you! :heart:

PS~ Yush yush, iiiiit issss! :giggle: I pff you too - sooooooooo much! :hug:
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Hehe, you're sweet ^-^ But I'm no better at drawing than you are!

I'm not kicked off! No way! X3 (they really should, it'd be a great thing to have, really ;P)

:hug: :heart: