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Pff, of course I'd request that you post this on devArt - you gotta show off your drawing skills after all! Because literally, you draw even Toby better than I do already; it's actually me who needs to keep practicing and learning so I won't fall too far behind you ^^;

(It was a big surprise seeing the drawing the first time, too - I totally didn't expect it, and the way you drew Akiko and Toby - and in particular the style you used for them and the other drawing - is simply adorable *-* Their smiles look incredibly cute, and from poses, over proportions to anatomy - you got just about everything right here. Really, this is a style you should definitely hold on to, in my opinion - it's heartwarmingly cute, original and fresh - pictures like that you could find in children's books, just that even there, yours would outdo all of what's currently there in cuteness, soooo .. one thing I'd suggest you could do is .. just using this style a little more maybe, to get more familiar and more practice with it? You're doing a wonderful job already, no worries *-*)

And same goes for you ^-^ I wouldn't even dare to think about what if anything bad happened to you - you mean way too much to me, and you're like .. the sweetest person I've ever met ^^; If I said, 'Take good care of yourself', would it sound cheap? I truly mean it though - always take good care of yourself, you're a wonderful friend (and yes, one of my very best friends too, even though you're like .. as far away as one could possibly be, aaaall the way on the other end of the globe ;_; )

Ashiteru ~ ich dich auch ^-^ gaaaaaaaaaaanz doll :hug:

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Awww! There's no way I draw Toby better than you! You are teaching me how to draw with new styles, remeeeeeember? ;P This is the first time I actually finished a drawing of him too ^^

Hehe, I knew you'd be surprised! It's definitely a style I'm keeping and improving, of course ^-^ It's based on yours, if you couldn't tell ;P

No no, it doesn't sound cheap at all ^-^ You're really sweet too, and I don't want you to ever be without internet again! X3 (I know, it's not faaaaaaair! ;___; )

Ashiteru! :hug:

PS~ I pff you too! X3
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Yush yush, I can see that ^-^ It's actually a huuuuuge honour to me that you'd base your style on mine, too; it makes me all blush-y and stuff :giggle: Oh, and you're doing a great job on it as well - I don't think I could ever draw such sweet expressions as you managed to in this drawing .. meeeh, I need to practice more! :aww:

D'aww, thanks *-* The same goes for you, of course ^-^ Just .. don't be too lazy, so you won't get locked away from your computer again ;P (even if sometimes you just can't avoid it - but rest assured I miss you reeeally bad every time ;_; I'd add you to my favourites if devArt allowed me to do that!)

Much love, :hug:

cf.PS: Aww, you do? *-* Wow - that's like .. the sweetest thing I've ever been told! X3
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Hehe! Well, practice does make perfect ^^ Though I don't think you need any practice on your part, it's me who needs to practice!

I think I may be kicked off again because of the late assignments, no doubt <.< I miss you bunches too ;_________; (why doesn't devArt let you watch me? :O_o: )

Muuuch love, :glomp:

PS~ Oh, I know! The sweetest thing ever! :heart:
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Pff, no way! Your drawings are wonderful already, it's amazing to see how far you got in this little time, really! :wow:

Meeeh, evil Kitsu, you gotta finish your assignments in time! ;P *clings* I hope you won't get kicked off again! (oh, I am watching you ^-^ But they should have something like .. favourite watched person, just like you can pick a featured deviation :giggle: )

Muuuuch love right back at you! :heart:

PS~ Yush yush, iiiiit issss! :giggle: I pff you too - sooooooooo much! :hug:
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Hehe, you're sweet ^-^ But I'm no better at drawing than you are!

I'm not kicked off! No way! X3 (they really should, it'd be a great thing to have, really ;P)

:hug: :heart: