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Haha. I feel old as hell thinking about this kind of thing.
You ever think about getting back into drawing?
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Not sure! Any 'creative time' I get is trying to crack on with a novel I'm trying to write, so anything art based is dwindling away. Also no actual drawing skills is a slight issue! This comic got really popular when it came about as 99% of Sonic Comics at that time were sprite-comics, hand drawn was super rare. Times and the fanbase have changed a bit now though! Not sure how these could stand out among the well drawn, coloured and...sometimes funny...sonic comics that are out there. Need some genuinely funny ideas I suppose.. Feel that with a lot of content that exists ( as as you know there is A LOT), the actual content comes second to how it's been presented.
Sorry I think that turned into a rant!
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Haha. Thats a fine rant then.
I'm not into the sonic fanbase as much as I used to be. It was a time when sonic sprite videos littered youtube as well.
In the swarm of OC's it was nice to rediscover some of your gems like a diamond in the rough~!

Though, you're caught my attention. A Novel? May I incline as to know some infomation on it?