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So after reading this a few times over, here be my take on it.

Ash was right, girls just love Pikachu. Toph is no exception. Also, Toph knows about color now? Didn't know Earthbending can sense colors too. :lol: Lastly, of course these two would be the most rowdy of the pair in the end (courtesy of Toph mostly). :lol: These two make the perfect couple out of the three paired up IMO. :D

I see you didn't forget L.Fist's pervy and idiot nature as well. You got him down pretty well. :D Only Kagura would not notice an obvious plan to be asked to prom with her being bribed by a swimming competition. Though I guess Kagura being Kagura, everything is a competition. :lol: Love how they had fun in the long run!

Sig and Heart were definitely the cutest couple out of all of them with Heart's nervousness and Sig's expressionlessness. Butterflies make everythin better apparently. Way to go Sig!

I love this story! I'm definitely going to ask you for another crossover story again soon. Thank you so much! :heart:

Tiny tidbit: I see Professor Robin as a history teacher rather than a science teacher. That's just me though.
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Ahhhh thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

I've seen a bit of One Piece and got the characters mixed up haha. I totally agree, though. Maybe she's one of those professors with more than one class?

This was really fun to write because I never thought I could write those characters together and I'm actually pretty proud of the result. I'm super glad you enjoyed it, as well!