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awesome. What I was looking for is a picture of the two main characters of this story

Home Invasion - She Came from Outer Space

I wanted something like the picture above, only with the girl's alien form. Pretty much just blue skin and dredlock like hair that's about a few shades lighter than the skin. As for clothes, I like what you do for clothing, and it seems like you have a pretty good imagination, so whatever you imagine.

as for the usage, it would replace that cover photo, and I would give you credit
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Okay that sounds interesting^^
Well for 200 EUR you'd get a nice detailed star sky drawn in the background ;)
(check out the vortex star sky I drew for another customer: Commission: Lightflight by Van-Syl-Production )
no problem, you can use it for private stuff online as long as you give credits and a link to my deviantart gallery :)

I have a waiting list, as you can see above, so count in around 3 months until it is done.

if you're interested in commissioning me then we should switch to private message :)