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Is there some error in the methodology using BluRay video files or something?

Pinkie's mane is actually a different color here than in the show, citing this:…

Seems odd that they'd change the pony's mane -> human hair colors, but I guess not impossible.

It's just it makes things look a bit off since bronies are used to seeing the pony colored hair.

Is there any more authoritative way we can confirm this?

EDIT: Huahaha! What!?

So, I decided to check it out for myself, and in the Rainbow Rocks scene where it goes back to Ponyville/Equestria for a bit, I decided to compare Pinkie Pie's mane color from there, as well.

We have a disagreement!:

The accepted guide here:… gives a color for Pony Pinkie's mane that is different from Human Pinkie's hair.

However, in Rainbow Rocks, Human Pinkie's hair has the same color as Pony Pinkie's mane!

This would seem to imply that Rainbow Rocks actually had a slight error in their pony colorations, since

Pony colorguide =/= Human hair color = pony mane color in Rainbow Rocks

And if we assume pony colorguide = pony mane color, then

pony mane color =/= pony mane color in Rainbow Rocks.
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Thanks for your insight! I will point out that you are now using an obsolete version of the pony guide. It's been moved here, with awesome features such as one-click copy of the HEX color code.

It is highly likely that there is some difference due to encoding between the EqG movies and the Show. As stated, we used the BluRay to pick colors for EqG, but since BluRay hasn't been released for the Show (!), we use the iTunes version.
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Oh. Wouldn't it be more consistent, then, to use the iTunes version of Rainbow Rocks?

Heh, well, the mlp-vectorclub still has that thing I linked for the pony vector quality guide. Have the colors changed or is that new database just for better convenience? I actually kind of find that single image to be very convenient, since I just pull it open, copy a little square of it that has the pony I'm vectoring, then I can paste that next to my vector as I work so it's sort of a color palate.
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It's hard to say which have changed. Some have and some haven't. It's probably fine to use the old guide, although even that one you referenced has been usurped by a different image (Old: MLP-VectorClub Color Guide 2.2). Do check out the new guide; there are sprite versions of the pony as well, if you prefer to pick colors that way.
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Ooh, thanks. I do still have the tab open from you linking me that yesterday :p
Knowing they've got sprites, though, I'll poke around it a bit more actively...
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