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Huh. Ya know, I only ask this 'cause I don't think anyone has ever thought to make a vector of a Sonic character, fan-made or otherwise. Think we could pass that idea around?
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As a general rule for the internetz, if you can think of it, it's been done.

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I'm only asking 'cause I want to try and make a vector of my Sonic OC, ya know, once I start learning how to use Flash.
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I know how that is. I just starting to learn to use Inkscape a few weeks ago. I can't say that I have any knowledge on Flash, but I recommend Inkscape. It's powerful and easy enough to use that even a complete art newb like me can do it.

Good luck with your OC.
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Thanks. Something tells me I'll need said luck.
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I trust your dA icon is from PonyCreator? You should probably open it in Paint and resize the canvas to better fit your OC ;)
If/when you vector whatever in Inkscape, please please please make sure to adjust your page boundaries to avoid the same issue! Do so with File>Document Properties (CTRL+SHFT+D)>Page>Resize page to drawing or selection

More luck to you! :)
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I'll be sure to do that. Thanks.
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