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Sexiness! :heart: I'll see what I can do with this in 2014. Gotta get through prizes and stories I owe first. I will get them ALL done and start fresh with just stuff for myself in 2014 With the exception if anybody buys a commission from me. :blush:

Purple does look good on her. :nod:

Thanks for doing this sweets, and being a fan of poor ol' Sol. He don't get enough attention.

Sparks are there I just need to get stuff done for OTHERS first. Just took on too much this year while depressed. I won't do it again anymore. I will change that. I'll be glad to see this year go. :nod:And really get back to my personal projects.
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:thumbsup: glad you loved it dear :hug:

And yes, poor Sol needs some love! And not just from the fans :giggle: ;)

Look forward to whatever you do with this :3