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Well, tbh deviantart was instrumental in my learning phase and I would have loved to stay connected, but the quality of content over time has gone WORSE. It takes hours just to browse through categories trying to find something and what you mostly see is crap, so to conclude, its a waste of time.

And lets be honest, I haven't seen deviantart evolve during all these years I have been here, just some minor functionalities were introduced every now and then but nothing promising to keep me around.

So it was finally time to move on, and quite frankly, I am happy with the choice I made.

Eid Mubarik to you too, though its quite late reply :P

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I apologize for replying about 3 months late. Things were hectic in the university and I kind of lost it in the work. :lol: Hope the new years been great for you and I hope it only gets better.

Things have changed and you are right about that but  I still like it here. It still feels like home and here is where it all started. I think I am gonna stick around for a longer bit.