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Dude. I'm 21 next month and have never rid a roller coaster XD nor intend to... I imagine I'd just be sick or die of suffocation or something :dummy: lol, I can't even stand the string wind, so going whatever-miles-per-hour?? Hell nope 8D

Aaaaanyway, Mario costume?? Baw you traitor >u< you know you're Luigiiii~
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Next month? Mother fucker, why didn't you say so sooner? You need to party! :D And it's actually not so bad, once I got on. I find them a lot of fun, it's just the build-up that always makes me queasy.

To be fair, this was before I was in high school, which is when I took Smash Bros. seriously. The bulk of my Luigi love comes from my skill in Smash Bros. Then I got to know him as a character better and I became the second fiddle you all sort of like today.
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Lol, I dunno 8D coz birthdays were never mentioned??
Baaw ok ;u; maybe it's a case of the fear is worse than the actual, err, thing XD or something~

Ahuu, I seeee >u< you the perfect Luigi!! You kinda look like him... somehow 8D... now imagine me and you dressed as Peach and Luigi ;D (though they aren't a couple XD and I have brown hair... well blah she's pink <333)
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Rollar coasters are fun! Though, I can only stand to stomach about one or two a day. Three if I'm feeling good enough.

Normally I'd agree, but I'm actually very short, hence why I think I would make a better Mario. However, I'm really skinny too, so I don't look like Mario much either! Woe is me...
DUDE If you dressed up as Peach, I would do anything you wanted HOLY SHEYIT
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Lol, much more than I can probably stomach :dummy:

Hmm, either find someone shorter to dress as Mario and make you look taller lol >u> or wear a pillow stomach?? 8D

Ahuhuhuu, oh really?? :iconicameplz: well you can start by getting me a Peach costume 8D *slapped*
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A pillow stomach? Pft, come on, Mario ain't that heavy.

That's not fair, you aren't actually dressed as Peach if I have to get you the costume.
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He is a bit >u< especially next to Sonic in the Olympics series X'D but hey, Sonic's a stick :dummy: *slapped*

Lololol, yeah :iconiwentplz:
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That's an unfair comparison, Sonic's legs are lanky as fuck.
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