Comment on Shower Scene by Chipchinka

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OMG. And I don't say that much. I love this! It's intricate and full of relevant details that make it feel more like a complete piece than a vignette. (not that your details are ever irrelevant) I would really love to read more about this universe that you've created. But it feels very comfortable, even though the first piece in a series can sometimes feel a bit clunky and awkward. And I like Kiril and Hal, too. 
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I'm glad you liked it!  This is one of those pinched-hour stories that just oozed out before sunrise.  I rather like stories like that, though I can't say that I cherish the experience, when I have to wake up and go to work the next day.  Writers keep such weird hours!
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I liked it a lot! You know, I noticed the hours, actually. I actually get yelled at for that...