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the worst part about this is i very well nearly did not buy divinity: original sin enhanced edition because of the female on the front cover, because my initial thought was: female on the front cover of an rpg game and she's fully clothed? this might be a game by a rad-fem (sjw, whatever you want to call them personally).

i was standing in walmart, staring at the cover and i was honestly there for wolfenstein: the new order. i had no intention on buying anything BUT wolfenstein. but you know, i habitually blind buy games and throw cash at games for no real reason. i had never heard of divinity: original sin before that moment, at 2 am under the fluorescent lights of a dingy walmart ceiling. in that entire case of games, i saw original sin. "angry looking chick fully clothed? probably pandering to sjws" was my thought as i looked at it. it was a pretty grim moment.

i ended up buying it new, full price, for ps4 anyway.

my actual regret, however, settled in after i walked out the door with it.

what oh what had i done? i bought a game i was seriously considering may have been made to pander to the radical censorship brigade... on a whim. and, fuck me sideways, my social anxiety had gotten me to pick up the old blood, not the new order, on top of it.


that regret didn't wane until i got home and, with a sigh of relief, realised it's a good game after all.

these people are potentially making you guys lose sales, is my point.