Comment on Frozen by themagpiepoet

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i really like your work! and i'm intrigued by the caption that accompanies this particular piece. One of my favorite things to do is discover peoples' inner beauty. And, at the risk of sounding boastful, i do have a certain knack for dissolving the walls around people's hearts. Indeed, your poetry has intrigued me, and i can sense the beauty in you just by reading your words. i'd love to know more about it. ;D
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Thank you. Honestly, I'm not sure how to respond to your comment without sounding like a giggling school girl! What would you like to know?x
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hahaha.. well, sorry if i out you on the spot and made you feel all giddy, haha.. Hm wow where to start? Really i love to know anything about you. People interest me, especially artists. And even more so, lovely ones like yourself. ;D But the best things are the things we keep deep down and tell to very few people. That is the real heartfelt stuff. But, we don't have to start with that. ;p