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Leila: *smirks* Yuu, you and I both know you like it when Kuma is appreciating your breasts. :P You've told me that you like it. It's nothing to be embarrassed about, you have a wonderful chest. ^_^ We're all women here, with the exception of Kuma, who has been K.O.ed by happiness, and Nergal, who can be easily taken care of. =P
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*kuma's as out as a log*

Yuu:*she blushes and looks away, embarrassed* Leila-chan...thatwassupposedtostayinbetweenus...TT/////TT...*she says so almost too quiet for anyone to hear*
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Leila: *gently hugs Yuu* I'm sorry for embarrassing you. Don't worry, Kuma didn't hear, and neither did Nergal, so the secret is safe. <:3 None of them know, and none of them will ever know. I just figured it would be a nice treat for Kuma. Though he's yours to deal with however you like now. *she pulls the tiny, unconscious Kuma out of her shirt and gives him to Yuu* He's even tiny, the perfect size to snuggle...or punish. ;P