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You should add your volume+\- keys to Volume2 hotkeys
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Thanks, but I've found another solution. The freeware" Volume Step Adjuster".
You can customize the volume 
increment/decrement steps with this. Was searching for something like this anyway.
And it has a useful side effect - the volume overlay gets disabled as soon as you run it.

Makes a perfect pair with Volume2.
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Thank you! I've been searching for ages a way to disable that Windows 10' stupid native volumen bar OSD.
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But one thing is bugging me. The main window always shows up when booting up windows.
Can you please disable this in the next version? 
You normally don't reconfigure the program on every reboot, so it should start in the system tray.
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Have found also a solution for this. :)
With some programs (4T Tray Minimizer or AnVir Task Manager e.g.) you can force programs to start in system tray.