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Wow, that's odd! Any heating problems? Did it just power off or something? Mine's done that once or twice before, with no warning.

That's the main culprit with mine...I think...seeing as even the sides of my touchpad get hot, as well as the keys themselves. :shifty: And half the time it even happens while I have the standing fan blowing at it! Plus at its worst, mine will lag on scrolling, typing, clicking, showing a drop-down's crazy.
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Nope. I've never had any problems like that. I've always taken pretty much immaculate care of my Mac because it was the first large purchase I made when I started working. Maybe once when I still had the Sims installed on it, but then my husband got his iMac and then mine was pretty much only used for the internet and photoshop for me. Then on either Thursday or Friday I think I was on tumblr and my whole computer just completely shut off, so after that I did all of the suggestions the people at the genius bar gave me, and my only option now is to take it in for them to try in fix themselves, but we're going to be moving in 3 weeks and have to save up gas money. :(
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