Comment on Grammar by redbandana

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Hear, hear! I completely agree with you. Taking ~seeknow's comment into consideration, I'll make sure that what I'm about to say is perfectly clear.

If you're American, Canadian, or English learn proper grammar and spelling. Why make yourself look like an idiot? Just learn your language. I'm not asking you to learn Swahili or anything. Just your language. The one you were born into. Is that too much to ask?

I'm a little bit anal when it comes to grammar, puncuation, and semantics. I believe in doing anything (even speaking or writing) to the best of your abilities.

So, good call! I'll be using this wallpaper.
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thank you for using my wallpaper :)

I do agree with you - I'm anal about it too, but only with certain people. I think it's more American/Canadians that do it. And then any other person who is learning english picks it up too. Like a lot of Oriental/Asian people talk like 15 year old AOL users - because that's the english they're learning on the internet. Sometimes you can't even tell that they're from Asia! The Brittish aren't so bad. They just use funny words for different things, but that's because that's their slang.
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I think this might be glomping!
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dear god that's retarded.

GLOMP?!?!? :P