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Oops, i am guilty of horrible grammar. One thing to remember though is that DA is very much an international site with people coming from many different countries. I think a lot of us are just doing our best to be understood in a foreign language.

As for the wallpaper...
I love the font you used and the colours but just what IS that book?? Zombies in Hollywood? Sounds interesting:)
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Well, see it's okay that you're not so good with grammar, because you're from Sweden :D I'll agree that DA is a very international site, however, for the amount of Americans/Canadians on here, a good chunk of them can't even speak their own language properly. The stupid thing is that they don't even know HOW to write correctly.

Thank you for liking the wallpaper :) The book... well, it's called "The Vampire Omnibus", and it has a bunch of excerpts and short stories from different Vampire stories. It categorizes them into things like humor, movies, novels, and others. It's a fairly large book. So yeah, I think that page was the "Son of Dracula" page. lol
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