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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Meh, I've had this for so long, if I changed it I'd have to change the signatures on a ton of artwork here. I'm really glad they've added this feature though. I'm uber tired of following artists only to have them dump their account and move to another one because they didn't like the name they picked. Part of me kind of resents that and makes me resistant to following them over to their new accounts. *weird like that* So I'm glad they've got the option now to change their username on their current account instead of just shifting the whole caboodle elsewhere.

*is not going to be a name you have to miss!*
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BlueFlyerHobbyist General Artist
I'm exactly the same way about following new accounts. It's a very nice feature that has been a long time coming. An the limitations on it are really quite nice as well to stop the trolling and the every-other-week name change for the fickle.