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OMG I love Raku!! The white crackle glaze, the irridescent glaze (I swear those are the only two raku glazes I have ever seen used), the smell of burnt ceramic for years to come whenever you take the piece down to look at. Or seeing the red hot pieces come out of the kiln and get thrown into the trash... I mean paper and leaves in metal trash cans :P.

My ceramic teacher in college had a small kiln on wheels for that, with a flame thrower to heat up the kiln. It was really awesome the one time we used it. Someday I plan on doing my own raku fire just to be able to play with a gas fed flame thrower. MUAHAHAHA!


That is so awesome (more awesome then a time traveling train ran by a black hole filly with a raku kiln in the front of it). It is a little belated of congratulations, but it is like wine... the longer you wait the more awesome it is... unless you wait a thousand years and it all turns into vinegar... but since it is only a few days it should still be good!

*massive uber glomp of uber doooooom! with gold flakes of confetti and diamonds and sparklers and flame throwers!*

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