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JUST THREE MORE DAYS OMG. I wish I could come down and be there for that. Are you going through the whole ceremony shebang?

Also, CONGRATS. That's a hell of an accomplishment, both the Associate's degree and the acceptance to uni, and you DID earn it! You worked your ass off, and you should be proud of everything!

Um, but eyebrow = ouch. *gives you burn balm* Now you can be all fancy and point to it and say you suffered for your art, though. You can sell your pottery for a million dollars. Because you fucking suffered for it. The ashes of that lost eyebrow are in your work. *hardcore artist brofist!*

The worst I've ever gotten is a papercut. And that one time I stabbed myself in the hand with a pencil lead. I wouldn't call that suffering for my art so much as just suffering for my own hapless, accident-prone stupidity. :B

Dude, I haven't commented on, like, anything, anywhere, in forever.
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LOOOLLLL. Yes. My eyebrows. Are in. My pottery. That is fucking hilarious. Would you like to buy my eyebrow? One million dollars. I'll take credit.

Thank you so much for the grats. It really was a struggle to get here -and funnily enough- after every semester it never seemed like I'd done anything notable, you know? But here at the end of the finish line it's like, fucking shit, that was a marathon.

Things have been quiet everywhere. Getting to be that time of year, though, where the noise level really does pick up. Summer! Aww yeah.
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