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personal and professional were in the same line, but I was using professional as a type of "yea he's really really good at art, but not as good as the indifferent guy who's art is breathtaking."

I am using this as sort of an experiment. I want to see in general what customers want. Do they want it done, or do they want it done and feel special.

I like your point of view =3. I share a similar point of view, but most customers are either one side or the other, and I want to see who stands where.
For me, even if the art is late (not so much as a year, but if he says it will be done next week and it takes him 2 weeks) but he makes me feel like I am valued to him and my work is important, then I will come back.
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Hmmm, I would think a good sum of people would be on the same page as you and me. With damn near everyone I've had come to me for commissions, they expect me to treat them professionally, despite knowing them on a more personal, casual level. And in those instances, because they know life happens, being late a day or a week is trivial and pardoned :).

In the manner you're asking, I don't think anyone would want to make a trade off for either one (though, the "indifferent" scenario kinda pans out in to be someone who's a little of both).