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I Dont Know How To Use These, But They Look Really Great! There Could Be Some More Icons, Though. Such As:
Chrome App Launcher, UNDERTALE, And Task View.
Also, What Do You Use To Make Those Icons? I Would Like To Learn How To Make An UNDERTALE Icon.

This Sentence Is Just So That I Can Actually Post This Because I Only Actually Typed 43 Characters/Words/Letters So Uh Yeah Please Ignore This Sentence
And Stuff Because This Is Just A Spacefiller And Stuff, So Uh Yeah Please Ignore This Sentence.
Sorry I Had To Type That, Its Just The Minimum Is 100.
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I haven't worked on this set in a long time so nothing has been added or changed since the last update. Also I used PowerPoint to make these. If I were to make them today, I'd use Adobe Illustrator, no question.