the design its pretty good, the bulding has a great detail(but... I have my question, did you design all the windows estructures, or its a texture...I realize that you make all the windows estructures, mmm but it doesn´t matter), I love the texture and of course the planes with the persons and the bushes over there
I will make an advice of it, the shadows are to hard, and you could get a better realistic effect if you put the half of a sphere (with ray transp) in the begining of the camera, this will simulate the effect of a real camera....mmm its too complicated to explain hahahahaha
but make some experiments ahahahaha
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ThanK u very much :hug:
ummm i didn't get your Q bout the Windows though and do u mean i put a transparent half sphere infornt of the camera? that wld make it more realistic? if so i gotta try that out :) neways ur comment is much appreciated thanx bud