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My 10:
1. Would you call yourself a bookworm?
No I wouldnt, unless magazines count. And I actually read, not just look at pictures LOL
2. Is society headed down a dangerous road to mass stupidity due to a lack of educational programming and a bombardment of mind-numbing tripe?
YES, also I feel like the fact we are over populated is dragging down our economy and the only way we can come out on top again is if we can control the population. I feel like there should be a law allowing only certain people meeting a certain tax bracket elligable to have kids, And if they meet that criteria then the common household (not couple, household) should be allowed only two kids. 3 if your wealthy. I strongly feel if this were to happen the next generation wouldnt face the issue of no jobs, higher tuition for schools, higher crime rate, etc. If you gave it enough thought, everything from gas to groceries would go down.
3. Sugary or fibery cereal?
Both, Fiber One tastes good yet has 14 grams of suger per serving.....but I wont pass up a good ol' bowl of CoOoOoOokie Crisp.
4. Any means of transportation is yours.. Which do you pick?
Hmmmm, depends on where I'm going and how the weather is. A Jet Pack would be pretty awesome, wouldnt have to worry about parking, but if I'm actually buying shit then maybe a flying Limo! Comfort, Ability to fly, plus tons of space to put the crap I'm buying. :D
5. Are you a dog or a cat person?
I'm an animal person, but if I had to choose between the two it would have to be a dog. Its funny though, I go hunting so some people see me as a killer, but I love all animals. I could own a deer as a pet, and yet go out into the wild and shoot one for dinner too. Must be my damn bipolar disorder or something :P
6. While we're on the subject of pets... if you were allowed any wild animal, which one would you choose?
Hmmm, I'm going to assume that I can afford anything needed to raise a wild animal is the best conditions so I guess I would choose a Dolphin or Killer Whale. Something intelligent to grow a relationship with yet exotic enough to know the relationship you build with a creature like that its out of this world.
7. Did you party hard on your 21st? or sneer in the face of conformity and drink juice? (if you're not yet 21, what do you PLAN on doing?)
I was very depressed on the 21st because it was my first birthday without my grandma, I dont think I drank or ate anything. Plus the girlfriend I had of 5 years didnt come to my birthday because she was off cheating on me. :/
8. Lamps, overhead lighting, or candles?
Again depends on my enviorment and what I needed the light for, if im reading or working with my hands then bright overhead lighitng, but if I'm in bed relaxing or about to have some freaky ass sinfully great sex, then candles OOOOOR switching out every light baulb with RED ones. Having with in deep red lighting is super sexy. The way red light reflects off skin is something amazing.
9. Why do you use DeviantArt?
To display my talent and/or hobbies. I'm going to soon be posting gun projects. I am a gunsmith by hobby and a photographer.
10. Does music = life? [:
Yes, most definetly! <3

Ok, am I supposed to ask you questions now too???
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I have never had cookie crisp... I DEFINITELY want to try it now though. Haha [: You CAN ask me questions if you WANT to, but i mean, technically the rules say no tag-backs ;) I've been guilty of picture-looking at magazines... But I really do skim and read the article names to see if I'm interested x]
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Haha most of my mags are on guns so its not like im reading about what store johnny depp shops at or who did paris hilton get the clap from this time. <3