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digi-rabbitProfessional Digital Artist
These newest four are just outstanding...really nice work. Makes me want to get out an start shooting. I think it was you that told me about the Digital Photography School site - I'm a bit behind right now, but plan to set aside some time to catch up reading the daily posts. If interested, Google the Old Red Courthouse in Dallas, TX and the courthouse in Denton, TX...both are very nice old buildings.
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bruhinbHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I was especially happy with the door, myself.

I sure WISH I was the one who told you about DPS, but I didn't know about it until right now. Looks like a totally awesome site. Thanks for pointing it out to me!!

"Old Red" totally is an awesome building. I would love to shoot that if I were ever in Dallas. I think I like the one in Denton even better, though.
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