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Comment on :salute: by JoelFaber

psion005 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
G'day Joel i was just about to leave a message letting you know that your art was probably ripped by the the guys that do ERB, when i saw your journal. Shame they didnt ask permission,or payed you royalties, but at least it was used with one of the funniest youtube vids ive seen in ages. its kinda the reason why i stopped making fractal art for over a year. With too many people ripping us off, it kinda of leaves a bad taste in your mouth...
anyways whats new with you & your bro. i miss :iconcanadaplz: so much. Looking forward to coming back for a visit as soon as the funds allow it :peace:

Devious Comments

JoelFaber Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
Yeah, it shows a lot of disrespect, especially coming from people who claim to be artists. On the upside, I don't know any fractal artist who can claim their work has been viewed over 65 millions times (even if only twelve of those people actually knew that was made by me).

Oh, Canada! I've been living the U.S. since `09. I'm looking forward to visiting again too!

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