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To those who say this is "fair": I have been looking at this masterpiece for over a year. Because I work with people who need to "flee" their situations, I was drawn to it.

As a lover of art....I have never seen anything so strong and beautiful when it comes to breaking free.

In terms of technique with the horses and their fading "facade"....it is perfect. Everyone has their take, but this is mine:

They rid themselves of what is "supposed to be". Leaving the abuse or the false sense of security or the imprisonment of their pain......etc. They have grown through their suffering as they have faced it head on and are actively woking on themselves. These horses are now strong enough and authentic enough to leave and be what they were designed to be. Strong and real and beautiful.

The background suggests pain and darkness. The horses becoming their true selves with strength and grace suggest--to me---turning a corner.

The impact is very significant for those of us who have been on what-ever-carousel/s life has thrown them. We get strong and we become ourselves and we thrive.
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Thank you for this lovely criticism :hug: