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1st of all - an idea that knocks off. any idea with a concept is good 'cos when nothing makes sense it's senseless - right? but this one does definetly. especially the idea of "Freedom" hits the point in this way. ok, let's see if this helps a lil bit. i think that all 3 horses look cut out infact of they're shot on DAYLIGHT from the SUN on maybe different hours. so they have different length and intensity of SHADOWS on thir bodies. the caroussels have other LIGHTS and SHADOWS - those of static bulbs - and the BG you've used has 2 LIGHT SOURCES. one from the SUNSET of a typical October/November-EVENING and one from the LANTERN. especially the MIST of those cold eves gives the DAYLIGHT that typical touch of having MISTDROPS ON YOUR EYES. they act like a FILTER. (remember of taking walk on such a day?). this FILTER is missing on your pic.
for now that's all so far. nontheless keep on working. i wanna see you win this contest!
kind regards, Ger.