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hey technically impressive pack. deconstruction, neon slinky, microbe and orange clockwork (redux) were my favorite. however i miss some "post-fx" finalizing. because now they have a kinda techdemo feeling. for example flux the circles are nice and the scope inside them too but the whole picture is ugly, even it's worse if it's inverted.
please don't use gvm! this way win7 users cannot enjoy your presets since gvm has a memory handling error what is ignored by xp but vista and win7 don't tolerate it. an SSC with n=0 does the job as well. if you have a static .gvm feed the init field of an SSC n=0. if your .gvm is larger than the maximum size of ssc init field split the content to 2 or more ssc's. .gvm files comes handy when you want to control avs from an external program what writes that gvm file continuesly and avs reads it every frame.
btw i'm still vjing seriously with avs. i have 2 avs's running and i mix them together using vvvv with several blending modes. this way if one of them fails you won't have to restart the vj-set (people won't notice actually anything) just fade the output to the other one what still runs as nothing happened. `Grandchild and ~theHuRriC4nE vj-ing with the same method using 3 or 4 instances of avs. however this method requires win7 with aero so every avs has a separate framebuffer so the avs window could be safely overlapped by anything else.
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you run avs inside winamp (winamp have to be running) or vvvv do the job? if it run with vvvv, you get the soung from the audio board? I'm interested.
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i run avs in xmplay which can load winamp vis plugins and input plugins as well (line://) (but i'm working on a standalone host using the default input device) vvvv only captures the window and mixes it together with some optional post fx
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hum seems good, I'll give it a try!
thanks 4 the support!
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Yeah the Win7/GVM issue was one of the big issues I had, but hadn't considered using a scope, now it seems obvious (derp). That's worth doing I think so I'll get on it.

I agree with the lack of finishing touches. When I was checking over the pack I was thinking to myself 'it's a shame I never changed this' or 'pity I didn't add that'. I dunno, maybe I will at some point.

Love vvvv by the way!
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aah those gears are simply awesome i already have 3 remixes of it;)