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1. Thank you for realizing that handmade does not mean 'mass-produced by child slave laborers from cheap materials in a third-world country.' Seriously, it's entirely too rare.
2. ...Depends on what your definition of 'very good money' is. Pricing is a fluid thing because I'm getting faster, because occasionally I'll change something in my technique, and because materials costs vary; the prices tend to be materials plus an hourly rate for labor. At the moment, pricing starts around $30 USD. Shipping internationally I haven't done yet, but I like to insure because it's so inexpensive to do compared to the price of the item.
Last off, don't worry too much about the whens and the price tag - if you come up with an idea at some point, toy with it, develop it if you like it - there's no expiration on ideas. If you come back in fifty years and I'm not dead or arthritic, I'll see about making it work. ^-^
Very glad to hear you like the work - thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated greatly and very helpful!
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To be honest, I was expecting you to put a much higher price tag on your work. I'm in the UK, I don't know how that works in terms of shipping.

I'll see what I can do in the way of ideas. I've always wanted a Venetian style mask, but I've never really got any further than that!
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