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*laugh* Actually, I hadn't read your journal yet, so I guess maybe I'm psychic. :D

The funny thing, though, is that I *was* thinking of you, and Nibblekat, when I wrote it, because you'd both expressed the same sort of dissatisfaction that I'd been feeling about your art, and I wondered--in that way you do, where you wonder if it's just you or something common to people in general--if it might be for similar reasons.

I suppose the subconscious knows what it's craving, and it's good to remember that even when Big Art just isn't happening, it doesn't mean we're not improving. Doodling, half-finishing pictures, and even just looking at other art and taking in the world around us are all ways of growing. For a couple of weeks, I didn't even want to look at my sketchbook; I just surfed DA and looked at what other people were doing. :) And you know, I think it did give me some new ideas.

Drawing realistically is awesome. I don't think there's any better way to improve in the fundamentals: anatomy, shading, and all that jazz. And a good realist drawing is always cool to look at. But to develop our own styles, we play around with other things too. Maybe you've hit a point where subconsciously, you're feeling ready to branch out and do just that. :)

Your owl, by the way, is adorable!
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"it's good to remember that even when Big Art just isn't happening, it doesn't mean we're not improving."

This is SO true!! Even when I'm just copying a photo, I'm figuring out the medium and each one gets a little bit better. dA can be really inspiring, that's kind of what got me to look at my own gallery. I wandered around in the Art and Project forums too, just to see what was going on in the big wide world, and that helped some as well.

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