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oh i love Within Temptation!i only hav ethier song "angels" though
coz i didn't know what more to download~
now i have song names to download ><!
and thank you sweety for the tag! i loved this tag, i'll try to do it soon ^^ love uuu ~~
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Can't wait to read your answers <3

If you want to download WT songs , you should get forgiven,stand my ground (you'll certainly gonna love those two) and what have you done :heart:

Somewhere, mother earth, Jillian and Memories are very good songs too.

Anyway, I like all their songs xD their lyrics are so good and the voice of the singer is wonderful *.*
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Thank u for the recommendations! i'll try to listen to them all!!!
and as u saiid i really Adore the singers voice~!
and i'll try to put the tag soon>< though my answers might look lame ;p
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