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Whaaaa...? Cookie is incomplete?? :( :crying: NUUU, don't forfeit, it was going so well!

Last I checked she just needed to post a few more pages... What happened??
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I wish we knew, however it was the afternoon, no more pages were posted so we had no choice to write it off as an incomplete, which is really unfortunate.

Not for you though! Congratulations on moving on! Even without your opponent not finishing your entry was really a delight to read and you certainly did cookie-baker's character justice!
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Meh, it's just that there's something so unsatisfying about a win-by-forfeit, and I swear, this is the fourth tournament I've done where my first-round opponent forfeited. It must be some kind of curse.

And it's especially disappointing because she'd gotten at least 16 pages done, too.... Bummer. :(
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Agreed. Here's hoping you'll have better luck in round two! =D
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BiliousProfessional General Artist
I dunno but my opponent didn't get all of her match up in time either ;A; TRAGIC.
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