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Renaissance Fair's are indeed amazing. And the food is amazing. And all the stuff they sell.

But it's always oh so expensive every time. This year all I could afford was food. But my brother bought a sword and gladly offered to fend off any guy who came near our group of girls and three or 4 boys.
That is until the pirates invited us to go singing with them. It's amazing how easy it is to break a stage when singing with the Drunken Sailors.
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kagami222Student Filmographer
XDDD P-pirates! Ah, nothing exciting like that happened, besides the store owners who kept trying to call us over to buy food/whatnot. :XD:
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Next year get a group of friends together a dress up like pirates. Then you can go around singing pirate songs. Makes it even funner!
(Funner is a word... >.>;))
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