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Would that other comic be the one I have been waiting for a very long time for? *Grins.*
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Sooooooon. I have to turn in a werewolf tonight, then slap a guy with rabbits this weekend.

And finish inking up a weasel and do adjustments on a lion.

And then take care of the applecat and the comets and the fernins.. which he probably thinks I forgot about...

Then there's the demon i havent even started yet. OH and that dragon... White one.. always happy... have to finish those new, old pages for that too.

And that crazy high school dragon brawl.

And that blue fox that I still need to redo...

Wait, what was I saying?


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Inking up a weasel? If it's a male, then it's neat, but if it's a female, th- *dies of stroke from too many sexy thoughts*

Glad to see you're back from the Elysian Fields / Annwn / KI-GAL / the Afterlife in other cultures. And with a female-to-male TF at that! Way to make an entrance.
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And after looking at it again, I see that the character was NOT female to begin with. Um... as a safeguard against complete self-esteem failure, I'm gonna say that he was "just that androgynous"... yeeeaaah, let's go with that.
*head explodes from trying too hard to blush*
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exploding head? :P
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haha call him "carpet-knight" ;)
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Just to be clear, anthro she-weasels (and anthro females of other closely related species) are ho~t.
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michaelmasHobbyist Writer
you mean like :iconsabretoothedermine:? ;) :P
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Yes indeed!
Only prob'm is, she's kinda already taken... T.T
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And on the opposite side of the continent...
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