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wow tl;dr comment gets tl;dr reply xD;

really, the only thing I have to say is that getting worked up over people's beliefs is, in the long run, a waste of time and energy. you have yours, the rest of the world has theirs and no amount of ranting or anger will change that. vent all you like, you're quite welcome to it, but doing it over an actual serious matter on a dumbass website such as this...maybe not the best way about it;;
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TCCCHHH I had more to say but even I started to CBA after like the fourth para otl

Meh. **Shrugs** People get worked up over different things, I've seen way worse things ranted about on this site, and I know a lot of people were wondering what the heck I was talking about in my chat, to which I wasn't going to break OOC rules and so simply put it here.

I've been on this site for threeee years and this is the second journal I've ever done like this. IF I wasn't so critically offended by that man and the evangelical view point in general, I wouldn't have said anything. I'd rather waste my time and energy showing others a radical view point than to just let them sit by- especially the ones who are religious, like myself, who will know what it feels like to be grouped together with people like that. As said by someone else on this journal, they drag the /whole/ of religion down with them, sadly. But eh, each to their own.
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