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Well firstly I am religious myself, so I am writing this from another branch of religion, not an atheist point of view- I got kind of annoyed when atheists bash religion for unprompted reasons sometimes, but when I see things like the above journal, I can see the reason why they do.

Everyone has their own opinion- but the reason I am expressing mine this angrily is because this particular view is the complete opposite to what my branch of faith believes, and frankly, its kind of insulting that they could say God would purposefully punish people like this for making packs with the devil, simply because the bible states that the devil is not and never will be the equal to God, and that he can only act through people- for example, 'helping' the Haitians kick the French out of the country. The reason why God wouldn't ever punish people by a disaster like this is because God gives us the right to free will at birth- and therefore, as he made that rule, being all fair, he cannot judge those who have followed it. So he can't punish people for doing what they want, and he can't erase evil (because evil is just the absence of good and thus cannot be erased) so he can only punish you when you die by rejecting you from his arms.

...Sorry for ranting about religion (IF ANY OF THAT MADE SENSE FFF its hard to summarise it quickly ) because I doubt you care (like most people) LMAO I just wanted to clear up the reason this is kind of offensive to me and the reason this journal was written against it.

With the witch craze, they were not doing Gods work- the reason people burned 'witches' is because apparently they made people ill, stopped cows from giving milk, destroyed crops, ect, ect. The reason they were burned is so that their soul couldn't re-enter the body and haunt them after the grave- so that it was completely destroyed. It wasn't anything to do with God, it was to do with the devil finding weak people to control, and God letting the people decide for themselves. Which they did. People in torture would often accuse people they simply didn't like to die just because they wanted to drag them down too. Yet again, nothing to do with Gods work at all. Those people at Sabbat made pacts, and yet, no disaster? Which prompts my question about why we haven't had one yet.

When I said his argument was a little weak, I am talking about his /delivery/ of it- he sounded like he was talking crap, which he was in my opinion.

Ah, I've been to the greatest church in Europe, the great church of Germany and prayed, visited the old monestries, I've been to Notre dame at France and the old style nun houses, I've gone to Belgium to see people walking down the mass graveyards of the casualties of WW2, I've been to Africa and prayed with them, visited the place Moses supposedly walked, been to the greatest mosks there, given money in the name of God, and I've even witnessed people praying at places like the stone hendge. I'm travelling to America soon so see the way religion works there- especially looking out for the evangelists. So... I guess I am pretty well travelled for someone of my age. And obviously I have found God. I wouldn't be so hypocritical to simply bash religion like this. To assume that I kind of don't know anything is also kind of offensive, but yeah, you apologised so... The reason I can say this is because as mentioned waaay up there somewhere, God gave me free will at birth, and so I'll talk about what upsets me, especially if it offends his name.

So as mentioned before, this /is/ a journal to bash their opinion- its evident. Everyone can have their own opinion, but usually, when I'm offended, I wont say anything- but this actually /hurt/ to listen to, really, I was truly as to how they could see God as someone to do something like that.

These people commenting on my journal can say what they want, they don't reflect /my/ view. And its not like my opinion matters enough to reach the guy who said it or any evangelic preacher out there- because sure as hell, they have said some naaasty things about the other branches with are just..I don't even know.

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wow tl;dr comment gets tl;dr reply xD;

really, the only thing I have to say is that getting worked up over people's beliefs is, in the long run, a waste of time and energy. you have yours, the rest of the world has theirs and no amount of ranting or anger will change that. vent all you like, you're quite welcome to it, but doing it over an actual serious matter on a dumbass website such as this...maybe not the best way about it;;
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TCCCHHH I had more to say but even I started to CBA after like the fourth para otl

Meh. **Shrugs** People get worked up over different things, I've seen way worse things ranted about on this site, and I know a lot of people were wondering what the heck I was talking about in my chat, to which I wasn't going to break OOC rules and so simply put it here.

I've been on this site for threeee years and this is the second journal I've ever done like this. IF I wasn't so critically offended by that man and the evangelical view point in general, I wouldn't have said anything. I'd rather waste my time and energy showing others a radical view point than to just let them sit by- especially the ones who are religious, like myself, who will know what it feels like to be grouped together with people like that. As said by someone else on this journal, they drag the /whole/ of religion down with them, sadly. But eh, each to their own.