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What the hell is wrong with that guy? It's like saying that the Americans also made a pact with the devil during the American Revolution against the English. Beside, Haiti is the only country that held the only successful slave rebellion in world history. I mean, they fought for their independent and won it. Voodoo does not play a role in it. It is a legitimate religion like Christianity and Taoism. It only had a bad name when it began to be associated with the undead and cursing. When you take this in, that guy is both crazy, racist and unrespectful of other's beliefs and religions. 'Love thy neighbor'? Yeah, right. I would say that I would respect other's belief and views but this is one example that I want to spit on. >I

Besides, Chile had a earthquake that made a god damn tsunami and a 400 mile long crack in the earth. Let's wait and see what they will stir up now.
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