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Oooh boy.

Well, all I can say is that we /can't/ understand God. Because that's just the way he is. I doubt he was doing it to /punish/ the people. There's a lot of crazy-ass religious people out there. Bad things just happen sometimes, I'd have to call it a /natural/ event. *shrugs*

I think it's all fascinating though. True, there are times when it's horrible, but that's just how the world works. I do feel horribly sorry for those people, all I know I can do is help donate to them, and pray for them. That's what I do at least.

That is probably the best I can explain it. I'm one of those religious people that will like...stick like tape to my faith. Like...I'm Christian and I don't mind homosexuals, and I'm totally fine with what people believe, and I won't be like "JOO NEED TO BE WIT JEZUS", because I know it makes people uncomfortable. Anyways, I hope this has helped a little, but I doubt it has orz.
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