Sorry I'm late to respond. I signed up and registered just to respond to this. I have x64bit Windows 7 Ultimate and I find your theme very attractive. I use the Soft 7 Windows 7 theme currently. I do have Graphic/Web design knowledge (IDK if that helps though..) I saw you were looking for the x64 explorer.exe and I could have given you mine but I guess you found it? Anyways, I am willing to test the theme. However, there's a Windows update Microsoft released that modifies the EXPLORER.EXE and makes it so that you can't use custom themes. It's called KB977074. I have no knowledge of a workaround. Otherwise, beautiful theme and if there is a x64 bit version available, I'll be happy to test.
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Hello, thanks for your response, I just sent you a note to your inbox on this matter.

Best regards! -Sam Baker