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I asked before, but didn't get a reply...where did you get the screencaps in the latest ones? I don't recognize those scenes at all!

Also, I think we may have started interacting on tumblr without realizing it. Are you "andreasons"? xD I'm "intofireforever" there.
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OMG lol hahahahah yeah that's me, yeah i've seen you your the one with all the cool Mandy facts xD well i did reply but i deleted my other account so you probley couldn't see it because of that

Scott Tibbs Documentary
Amanda has a brief appearance in the short film "Scott Tibbs Documentary" which is available on the Special Edition DVD of Saw II. In the short film she is being harassed by a news reporter who wants information on her experience when she was captured by Jigsaw. In response, Amanda punches the reporter in the face and storms off.

here's the video, you have to wait a while before it shows Amanda


it's the first 2 videos, the first one has amanda in it, the second part don't but if you want to know what happens to scrott tribbs then you can watch part too, warning he is an idiot lol xD