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Darkmir Featured By Owner May 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Me too, Chaz...:)

Not only dropped, but dropped with no apparent reason for them to have done so. The gallery edit functions were increased, then decreased, with little or no notice. Sort of illustrates my point, I think.

I dunno, bro. I guess my bottom line is the less I expect from DA, the more content I am with it. By limiting what I use it for, and what I expect from it, I get my expectations fulfilled pretty well.

I've mentioned some of the other people I correspond with here to you from time to time. Honestly, those relationships (all represented by my friends list) are 95% of the reason I am still a member of the site. I often wish I could tell all of my other friends here; "Hey, I know this crazy Scots artist/writer who's just the coolest have to meet him..." and likewise, although it may be hubris, I think damn everyone I am friends with is both an exceptional person and an exceptional artist. I often want to say to you to introduce yourself to them all, and review their galleries.

In my corner of the world, such enthusiasm is not encouraged. I'm not sure why, but I do have to admit to being affected by it at least to the extent that I usually squash that urge. That this is so saddens me. I have not thought of myself as either naive or overly enthusiastic for many years now, Chaz. Sometimes I wish I felt more free to follow such inclinations however.

The people I admire and care about here, crazy Scot's included, are worth getting excited over.

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Lord-Retsudo Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I know what you, I read your post 3 times already and it still makes me smile! Some people have trashed this site as just being another social networking joke, but at it's best, what's actually so bad about social networking? Sad people who think they have 10,000 online friends are obviously deluded and need to get a life, but at our level, it brings a whole new dimension to life, fuels creativity, enthusiasm, and opens the eyes to new ideas and the work of others. And in that respect, this site has paid me back in spades ;)
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