Hi Alex, 

I  have this piece of work as a poster in my room. 

I have been working on a documentary for a few years. I've found the process quite difficult; had to be much more vulnerable than I had anticipated. At times the process has been overwhelming. I was reflecting on the creative process, this place where joy and pain meet in a wonderful array of colours, when I came across this poster at a poster sale. I saw in this work the very expression of that same creative process. When I struggle with the completion of my film, or am anxious of the outcome, I often turn to this image and think of Van Gogh and the incredible worked he accomplished in the midst of far worse torment. 

Thank you for this piece. It has an honoured place in my home. 
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I'm so glad you find this piece comforting. Pain and creation go hand in hand as you're very well aware of, but it's all worth it in the end...best of luck with finishing your documentary!!
Thank you Alex! Sorry for the late reply. Just realized you had responded. We're going into editing phase on the film now! We'll keep you posted on progress.