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I totally agree, though he did reply to my mails... Total shame really. I asked the question bout deep-zooming for mandelbrots,, to which I got a reply that Q was written in single integer code and he'd need to recode the lot as double integer... Understandable sure but maybe it should have been written in double in the first place. I think its the only fractal app (or apps if you count prime and Q together) I use that is limited in this sense,,, but Quadrium nevertheless, and prime are equally capable of great-looking fractals.
With Prime you need to be mega-patient... Never liked the way it needs to re-calculate and complile every operation you make--- real pain in the but... but as you have demonstrated here , my friend, lovely rewards for those who are not faint of heart! =) Lovely Mini... like the gradient choice too =)
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Thanks very much, Zoo! In fact it was your wonderful recent Quadrium pieces that prodded me to have another go with Q2 and QP! Yes, the lack of deepzoom, and the permanent recalculation in QP are quite frustrating. I'm sure I'll use them regularly - it was a nice break from FE where I had been going through a bit of a fallow patch!

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Lol... know exactly what you mean... I just get bored... rarely though with the Qs...